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Gesneriads are flowering houseplants. Some better known are the African Violet (genus Saintpaulia), Cape Primrose (genus Streptocarpus), Flame Violet (genus Episcia), and Florist Gloxinia (genus Sinningia). is an informational website pertaining to the science and horticulture of this group. Check here for video podcasts of flower shows containing gesneriad oriented material. Subscribe to My Podcast with iTunes

Podcasts so far:

  1. 2013 Long Island Gesneriad Show Part 1: Overview, Plant Sales, Sinningia, Kohleria
  2. 2013 Long Island Gesneriad Show Part 2: Codonanthe, Saintpaulia, Streptocarpus, Primulina, etc.
  3. LIGS 2013 Part 3:Tray landscapes, Terrariums, The Arts, Artistic